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I just want to drop a few lines to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to participate in the voluntary program.
The experience was unforgettable and will stay in my heart forever.
I learned a lot of things from it:
How people from different countries can work together.
I was overwhelmed by the generosity of Moroccan people, their beautiful smiles, and the way they look at the world……. it’s like they can see farther in the horizon.
Special thanks to the two Moroccan women in the group Mariam and Zeinab.
I learned a lot from them: how you can be gentle and strong at the same time. How to cook harira……we shared many thoughts, laughs and a few tears when we had to say good bye.
Now I have two beautiful new sisters.
Special thanks to special guests in the group, a little kid “Mohamed el guapo” who taught every one that language is not a barrier for understanding and communicating.
So if you are confused thinking if it is possible for you to feel this way after reading these lines…….

Well this may tickle you but to really feel it you need to experience it. So if you are ready to open your mind and shower your self in a new experience ASTVS is ready to open for you a new chapter in your life. Don’t miss it, GO ASTVS.

Rocio Alonso (Nada Alonso), Spain,

I will never forget the time is spent in Errachidia. I met the nicest people from all over the world, got the know a different and intriguing culture and did work which helped the local people.
I would recommend the ASTVS-projects to everyone who wants to spend a useful time in one of the most beautiful places in the world. It was, at least for me, a lifechanging experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.
Just grab the opportunity and participate. You will not regret it.

Inčs Boukhalfa, Belgium,

In the summer of 2009 I did the volunteer program of ASTVS.I worked with children in the age group of 7-9 years old. In a group with 2 others I organized activities in the afternoon for this children.It was really one of the greatest experiences ever!
I learned a lot from this children, communication was different, but also the culture. The Moroccans are very friendly and hospitable people. Our group was invited to a wedding of a local couple!
Besides this work, we had Arabic class every morning. This was very interesting but also funny! And Arabic is not as difficult as I thought in the first place.
In the weekends we went on trips to beautiful parts of Morocco. The trips were all organized by ASTVS, which made it a relaxed weekend for us!
With the other volunteers I had so much fun! They were from all around the world so now I’ve friends everywhere!
So I’ll recommend you all to do this program if you want to experience Morocco in a different but beautiful way.

Jeroni Vergeer, The Netherlands,

It was a wonderfull experience, i have seen so much and have learnt so much...if i could i would definatly do it again, i really loved it!
Mana zeevat, The Netherlands.

This experience has been incredible ! I have known a lot of people from over the world, we have changed opinions, lived together ... And I also have learnt a lot from the children. They are so sweet, is so easy to work with them. I hope to repeat next year !
Berta Esteve Solé, Spain.

I met people from all over Europe as well as some amazingly friendly Arabs, practised speaking French and Arabic and had a chance to give something back by teaching as well. Definitely worth doing.
Anderson Thorburn, UK.

I had a fantastic month in Morocco, i learnt some arabic, met fellow volounteers from all over Europe, taught english to some fantastic teenagers and the great ASTVS staff and helpers made Errachidia feel like home. I have awesome memories and have never experianced anything like it.

Andrew Gray, England.

My testimonial about ASTVS's experience:
J'encourage tout le monde ą vivre cette expérience inoubliable. Le pays, la sympathie des gens, l'ambiance...tout, vaut vraiment le détour!!!Je n'oublierais jamais ces vacances d'aoūt 2008!!!Merci encore pour tout!

Claire Drutel ,France.

"It is a great experience for life, learning a new and very rich culture throughout many gentle people's eyes who give you everything even before have met you. Lots of memories make me feel closer Marroc now. One of the best ones: I was surprised when I started to sing for the first time a very spanish old song for kids called "gallinita ciega" and the kids followed me inmediately but in morrocan, and another one I suposed spanish in french, it was very funny for me. I was amazed also by the intelligence of the kids for learning lenguages, how quick!!!Charming people who I met in Hamman, in little shop, in the zuk, etc. Great experience!!!Thanks for the opportunity!!!!"

Ana Belén Muńoz,Spain.

Morocco with ASTVS was such a great experience for me that I did it twice...So,if u have a slightest hesitation about the reasons to suscribe for this project,just try to imagine a place in the world where people try to help each other,where the sun is as shiny as the people's smiles,and u will see a town called Errachidia,in South East Morocco...Once there u'll understand,so just go! But I warn u : back in your home country,it may happen to you,from time to time,to hear the wind of the desert or to see the happy faces of the kids,reminding u that if u really want it,u can do great things in your life!"

Dalila Yousfi, France.

Maroc is a dream, the greatest landscapes ever, the people are very gentle and through them you discover a beautiful culture. Being in the work camp is an amazing experience, you got to know inside Maroc, share with people from around the world, and working with children is quite satisfying and unforgettable. Errachidia is a nice little town, very safe, where you can have a different, multicultural and productive summer! I really remember like one of my best memories!

Marķa Paz Dįvila. Ecuador.
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